4 Tips on How to Doube Your Revenue By Making Your Website Look Credible
4 Tips on How to Doube Your Revenue By Making Your Website Look Credible

One of the most important factors to making money online is credibility. After all, would you give money to someone if you thought there was a likely chance they were trying to scam you? Below are 4 tips that can easily help you double your online businesses sales. If you sign up, please use the affiliate links below.

1. Get an 8xx Number. People seem to think that if you list an 800 number on your site your phone will start ringing off the hook. This generally isn’t the case, and there are ways to avoid speaking to people if you really don’t want to talk to them. I’ve been using Freedom Voice for years. At about $10 per month, you can’t go wrong. For a one-time fee of a few extra bucks, you can even get a Vanity number like we have, 855-Site-4-Cash. Yes, there are a few extra letters on ours, but if you dial it, will still work. They have a cool feature that lets you enter words, which then gives you available numbers that contain that word. You would be surprised how easy it is to get a phone number with your 5 or 6 letter keyword in it.

2. Add trust symbols to your website. We own many websites and have seen conversion rate increases of well over 100% by simply adding a trust seal. Will you get a 100% increase? Probably, not but it’s not uncommon to see at least a 5-10% boost. The more your site lacks credibility, the larger impact a trust seal will have.

3. Add real testimonials to your site. Have a couple of friends, relatives, or strangers go through your site, and ask them to list all of their objections. For each objection they have, use a testimonial to address it in the exact spot it became an issue for them. UserTesting.com is a great place to hire someone to look for these types of issues. You can even pick a specific demographic to look at your site.

4. Get a good looking logo and site design. It amazes me how many crappy looking websites there are out there. I’m even more amazed when people tell me they spent good money to hire a local designer who created a horrible logo and website that looks like a 10 year old made it. Don’t go local for the sake of local when it comes to graphic design. Look at someone’s portfolio and post a few of their logos on facebook and ask people what they think. I personally like using services like 99designs.com for getting graphic work done. I’d much rather hire someone local, but I haven’t been able to find anyone who can match the quality at a reasonable price. I also like the idea of having a design contest where 20 people are all submitting ideas. It’s great to not have to rely on a single persons ability to be creative.

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