Q: Why should I sell my site to you?

A: We understand all that goes into creating a great site. We also understand that most owners have an affection for their sites. The reason we purchase sites, is to make them better. We understand that people sell sites for all different reasons, and we try to offer a fair price to the seller. If we are unable to purchase the site from you, we also have a network of buyers who may also be interested in purchasing your site.

Q:Do you buy any kind of sites?

A: We buy legitimate, well established websites, with unique original content. What we do not buy are illegal, unoriginal, spammy, scammy websites.

Q:What types of sites do you buy?

A:We buy a wide variety of sites including Ecommerce, Affiliate, Content, Membership, Forums, and Blogs. If you are unsure if we would be interested in purchasing your site, simply submit it and we’ll let you know.

Q:How much is my site worth?

A: The value of a site greatly depends on a number of factors including revenue, contents, target audience, traffic, maintenance cost, amount of time/expertise it takes to maintain the site, and several other factors.

Q:Is there any industry standards for site valuations?

A: The current industry standard is around 3 – 30 months of a sites monthly net revenue, but there are always exceptions based on the specific site. Please note, that sites rarely sell on potential. However, pagerank of a site, how long it has been running, and its growth rate, can all be determining factors.

Q:How long does it take to sell a site and get paid?

A: We can have cash in your paypal account within 24 hours depending on the size and complexity of your site. This assumes you provide all the information requested in a timely manner. However, larger more complex deals can take up to a few weeks. You should let us know your desired time frame when submitting your information.

Q:Does my site have to have its own domain name?

A: Yes, we only buy sites that have their own domain name. We do not buy sites that are hosted with free hosts like blogger, google, etc.

Q:Can you pay me with anything other than PayPal?

A: Paypal is one of the quickest and easiest method of payment; however we can make arrangements for other types of payment.

Q:What do you need from me to make an offer for my site?

A: The more verifiable info you can provide the higher the potential offer we can make. We need your traffic statistics preferably access to your google analytics, a detailed earnings report from the site per month if any, and a detailed description of your site. Once we do an initial review of your site we will contact you with additional questions and requests for documentation.
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