Affiliate Summit East vs West
Affiliate Summit East vs West

What is the difference between Affiliate Summit East and West?

According to Missy Ward one of the co-founders of Affiliate Summit, “The only distinction is location.”
That may be true in the most basic sense, but clearly there are a number of more significant differences.

Networking at Affiliate Summit

One of the most important parts of Affiliate Summit is the networking.  Although many people go to both the East and West Summits, not all do.  If there is someone you are hoping to meet, this could be the most important factor about which summit you choose.  If you are unsure if someone is attending, why not simply ask them via social media?  You will find that the majority of the people in the affiliate space are very friendly people.  If you don’t want to do that, try stalking them on social media to see if they mention anything about going.

Travel Expenses

Airfare is largely determined by where you live.  If you are on the East coast, it’s most likely going to be cheaper to fly to Affiliate Summit East.  If you live on the west coast, Affiliate Summit West is going to have the cheapest airfare for you.  Although pricing of the conference hotels are going to be somewhat comparable,  in general you will be able to find significantly cheaper hotels in Las Vegas than in New York City.   The Las Vegas Hotel Rate for 2015 was $165, while the 2015 New York Rate is $289 per person.  I regularly see nice large hotels in Las Vegas for less than $75 a night, and some of the cheaper ones on the strip go as low as $40 per night.  In NYC you will be hard pressed to find anywhere you would want to stay at for less than $125 per night.

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